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Start taking the steps to grow your restaurant.

Our Solution

With over 500 clients and more than 150 years of combined operating experience, we constantly encounter restaurants with messy, lagging or inaccurate financial data.  RealFood Analytics is our integrated solution to fine-tune your back-office and leverage our expertise to drive your business forward.

Cleans up your current accounting

Gives you a customized dashboard

Outsources your bookkeeping work

Pairs you with an expert restaurant consultant 

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Accurate Data   Intelligent Action

Prime Cost

Profit & Loss

Performance Metrics

Labor Module & Time Clock

Customized Dashboard for performance monitoring 

Our dashboard is designed specifically for restaurants and automatically syncs data from your POS, Accounting software and Payroll platform.  Our unique operational tools make our portal a one-stop-shop for operators.



RealFood Analytics allows you to integrate a variety of software seamlessly 

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Increase profits with dedicated consulting service

Our team understands the variety and complexity of challenges within the foodservice industry.  RealFood Analytics gives you access to our knowledge base through scheduled, remote consulting sessions and personalized reports that help transform your data into actionable improvements

  • Monthly or Weekly web consultations

  • Review of key KPI’s, P&L Statements and prime costs

  • Analysis of potential cost center improvements

  • Targeted action plan and in-depth recommendations

  • Monthly written analysis

  • Ongoing monthly monitoring from a dedicated Account Executive

Clean and accurate financial data reporting

In conjunction with our professional accounting partners, we provide remote back-office support to ensure fast and accurate reporting for your restaurant including: 

Accounts Payable

Simply upload your invoices and let our team handle the rest.  We work with you to develop the right classifications and processes to make AP fast and easy.

Financial Reports

P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Budget Comparison, Trend Analysis, and other reports are timely and 100% accurate.


We become your financial safety net -- polishing your books so that nothing slips through the cracks and end-of-the-year filing is a breeze.


Our team is a partner in your success, delivering committed support whenever you need it.

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